Accelerating Expansion in the American Market, Empowering Global Energy Upgrades | Wasion Holdings Shines at DistribuTECH International 2024

The three-day DistribuTECH International 2024, a leading event in the American power distribution and public utilities sector, concluded successfully on February 27th-29th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Wasion Holdings, a global leader in IoT solutions for intelligent energy metering, smart distribution, and energy efficiency management in the smart utility sector, showcased its forward-thinking and innovative technologies, products, and solutions, attracting significant attention and acclaim from industry professionals and clients alike.

As the largest and most diverse power distribution exhibition in the Americas, the event brought together over 17,000 professionals, more than 3,500 utility attendees, over 600 top industry exhibitors, and over 400 industry leaders to Orlando. The exhibition hall buzzed with excitement as prominent company booths gathered crowds of attendees.

Wasion, exhibiting for the second consecutive year, unveiled new products including the Wi-SUN and G3-PLC Hybrid AMI solutions, High-Voltage AC Automatic Circuit Reclosers, Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage Solutions, and ALK Hydrogen Solutions, etc. These offerings showcased the company's unique product technology advantages and brand charisma, captivating numerous professional visitors. Many experts and clients engaged in in-depth discussions with Wasion experts at the booth, gaining comprehensive insights into the technical features and application cases of Wasion's cutting-edge products through live demonstrations, 3D holographic projections, video animations, and more. Visitors expressed strong interest and intentions for collaboration.

At this exhibition, Wasion showcased its Wi-SUN, G3-Hybrid, and centralized metering comprehensive solutions tailored for the Americas market at this exhibition. This series of AMI solutions features intelligent meters with high precision, reliability, and integration, capable of functions such as data collection, real-time status detection, and tamper-proof. It integrates stable, high-speed, and multi-scenario adaptive communication technologies. In terms of system software, it adopts a modular design architecture, user-friendly interactive interfaces, and standardized data and service interfaces, enhancing the system's flexibility and usability. Wasion's AMI solutions seamlessly integrate with automated distribution ecosystems through international standardized interfaces, empowering customers in their digital transformation journey.The Wi-SUN solution, equipped with Wasion's latest Wi-SUN gateway, integrates FAN (Field Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) communication functions, boasting powerful edge computing capabilities, a Docker-based software architecture, and IPv6 protocol. It can connect over 1,000 smart meters and 10,000 IoT terminals, meeting the demands of large-scale applications, and providing users with convenient, flexible, secure, and comprehensive edge communication solutions. The G3-PLC + RF Hybrid solution, with its dual-mode integration of RF and PLC communication channels, automatically switches based on real-time connection conditions. Combining RF and PLC media, it exhibits excellent anti-interference performance, making the AMI solution more flexible, stable, and efficient.

Wasion Energy's self-developed High-Voltage AC Automatic Circuit Reclosers, showcased in an immersive and scenarized manner, was the highlight of the Wasion booth. These products are designed for 50/60Hz, 15.5kV three-phase AC overhead distribution networks. They feature functions such as rapid self-healing and isolation, high-precision fault location, and automatic repair attempts, enabling automatic fault isolation to quickly resolve line faults, reduce the scope and duration of power outages, improve power quality, reduce the need for manual intervention, and enhance system automation. The intelligent distribution controllers, in conjunction with the reclosers, feature remote data acquisition and control, short-circuit fault protection, and single-phase ground fault detection capabilities, enabling functions such as interphase short-circuit fault removal and single-phase ground fault handling.

Wasion Energy's Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage Solutions feature integrated designs with built-in PV controllers, bypass maintenance switches, and off-grid automatic switching modules. This significantly improves customer utilization efficiency and reduces installation costs. The PV capacity can be flexibly configured for use in remote areas and islands with unstable power supply, and relatively weak electricity environments, as well as applications such as energy conservation, emission reduction, and peak shaving.

Of note, Wasion highlighted its latest R&D of the IPVH Alkaline Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Equipment at this exhibition, aiming to assist American enterprises in transformation and achieving global carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. The IPVH series adopts alkaline electrolytic water technology comparable to PEM, significantly reducing the footprint of hydrogen production systems while lowering hydrogen production energy consumption to meet customer investment economics. Additionally, the IPVH series products realize the application scenario of pure PV hydrogen production, achieving true "green coupling."

In addition to these flagship products, Wasion's fault indicators, and residential energy storage solutions also made appearances at the exhibition, attracting considerable attention and favor from many clients.

The DistribuTECH International 2024, an event for the American power distribution and public utilities sector, has come to a close. The event was both exciting and insightful, showcasing Wasion's strength and potential in the power distribution and energy industry, and boosting confidence in expanding into the Americas market. In the future, Wasion will continue to drive development through innovation, collaborating with global clients and partners to embrace a path of low-carbon sustainable development. This is in line with Wasion's commitment to creating intelligent, energy-efficient, flexible, secure, reliable, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly new energy systems, contributing to the dual carbon goals.

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