The Wasion Holding International's 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held

On February 6th, the annual summary and commendation meeting of Wasion Holding International themed "Steady Progress, Innovative Development" was grandly held in the second-floor auditorium. Mr. Ji Wei, Chairman of Wasion's Board of Directors, members of the Board of Directors, Wasion Holding International Board of Directors, as well as the management team, the elite backbone of various business units and responsibility centers, and outstanding award recipients, attended the meeting.

Mr. Robert, Executive of Wasion Holding International, delivered a speech on the theme "Tackling the Hardest Challenges, Pursuing the Farthest Goals." In 2023, Wasion International resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Wasion's Board of Directors' "Five-Five" strategic plan, taking the lead in opening up international markets, shouldering heavy responsibilities with resilience, and closely following international technological and product standards to enhance research and development capabilities and design levels. It also coordinated planning in operational delivery, organizational development, talent cultivation, and risk control.

Looking forward to 2024, Mr. Robert expressed in his speech that Wasion Holding International would strengthen the comprehensive upgrading and breakthrough of global business, charting new paths and seeking breakthroughs, further benchmarking international leading industry standards, and enhancing international innovation in new technologies, products, and business models.

Mr. Lv Xinwei, President of Wasion International, announced the commendation decision.

At the conference venue, multiple outstanding individuals and collectives for the year 2023, including outstanding employees, outstanding cadres, outstanding teams, outstanding designers, outstanding craftsmen, quality models, and Fengyun teams, were commended.

Mr. Ji Wei, Chairman of the Wasion's Board of Directors, delivered an important speech, stating: "In the new year, Wasion Holding International will actively and steadily advance the layout of overseas business, strengthen international innovation in new technologies, new products, and new business models, and achieve new performance in business operations, demonstrate new achievements in talent cultivation, harvest new progress in business structure upgrades, achieve breakthroughs in technological innovation, reach new heights in international business, and lay a new foundation in industrial layout. We are firmly integrating into the global wave of sustainable energy utilization development and embarking on the journey of 'dedication to becoming experts in energy metering and efficiency management'."

The era belongs to the strugglers, and time does not disappoint dream chasers.

In 2024, Wasion Holding International will work together with all employees to insightfully grasp the timing and momentum, balance stability and progress, control and breakthrough, anchor the "international trinity," continue to cultivate and strive for the overseas business revenue ratio to exceed 50% of Wasion Holding's revenue, within three years, achieve technological breakthroughs in smart metering, energy efficiency management, new energy, energy storage, and accelerate global market expansion, setting industry benchmarks, and lighting up a new beginning in the tide of the times.

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