Wasion in Africa: Partnering with Enlit Africa to Launch a Green and Smart Energy Future

Africa faces significant energy challenges, with many people lacking access to reliable and affordable energy sources. This situation bears profound consequences for economic development, health, education, and the environment. The human impact of this energy deficit is profound and strengthened Wasion’s determination to make a change.

To support Africa's transition to more reliable renewable energy infrastructure, the three-day Enlit Africa 2024 concluded on May 23 in Cape Town, South Africa. The event brought together over 250 exhibitors and more than 80 utility companies and municipal institutions to discuss and explore the application of cutting-edge technologies and industry development trends.

As a global leader in smart energy metering, intelligent distribution and utilization of electricity, and energy efficiency management, Wasion is showcasing solutions designed specifically for the African market. These include G3-PLC Hybrid + Cellular Based AMI Solutions, low-voltage digital distribution solutions, and comprehensive energy storage solutions. During the event, numerous professionals and clients visited the Wasion booth for in-depth discussions with our expert consultants.

Wasion G3 Hybrid communication module combines wired and wireless communication strengths, offering seamless communication for smart grid applications. Wasion's G3-PLC Hybrid not only enhances connectivity and coverage but also extends the reach of the G3 Alliance to RF-only devices. This expansion spans various applications, ranging from in-home displays and prepaid solution keypads to environmental monitors, lighting controllers, industrial sensors, and communication with water and gas meters.

Willfar Information Technology CO.LTD., a subsidiary of Wasion Holdings listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board, has launched a digital Mid & Low voltage distribution solution. These solutions respond promptly to power distribution needs using digital methods for real-time monitoring and data analysis. Leveraging big data and AI technologies, they optimize power resource allocation, reduce operational costs, and create a more transparent and equitable management system.

Debuting at this exhibition, Wasion’s joint venture, SMSC, presents Energy-Pro, the new modular design integrated software system. This system allows for convenient and efficient customized delivery according to customer needs.

Reflecting on two decades of partnership with African customers and collaborators, Wasion remains committed to providing solutions that address real-world challenges. We continue to support Africa in building a reliable, flexible, secure, and green new energy system. Looking forward, Wasion will persist in our mission and responsibility, working together for Africa's energy sector's green and intelligent transformation.

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