Wasion Holdings International conducted the 2024 Business and Management Goals Announcement Ceremony

On January 9, 2024, the grand ceremony for the announcement and commitment signing of Wasion Holdings International's goals was held. Mr. Ji Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wasion Holdings, Mr. Ji Zhe, Chairman of Wasion Holdings International, and other relevant leaders were invited to attend and witness the conference.

Ms. Wang Ze, Director of the Board Office at Wasion Holdings International, presided over the meeting.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Ji Zhe announced the appointments for the year 2024 within Wasion Holdings International.

In the joint witness of all the leaders and colleagues present, the Chairman of Wasion Holdings, the Chairman of Wasion Holdings International, and the operational management team officially signed the Responsibility Charter for the 2024 Business and Management Goals during this conference.

Mr. Lu Xinwei, President of Wasion International, has put forward that in 2024, Wasion International will fully focus on research and development support, leveraging technology and quality assurance to steadily advance the internationalization process.

Numerous overseas executives of Wasion Holdings International, through video, reviewed the achievements and results of 2023 and looked forward to the planning and goals of 2024.

Robert Tian, President of Wasion Holdings International, mentioned that Wasion Holdings International will uphold the dual tracks of "high-speed development and high-quality development," progressing simultaneously. The company will coordinate planning, integrate resources, and promote coordinated development. Mr. Tian pledged unwavering commitment and full dedication to achieving the operational goals for 2024.

The Director of the Rotation Center at the Holding Headquarters, Mr. Zhong Shijun, delivered a speech, stating that in 2024, the Holding Headquarters will spare no effort to synergize and actively support Wasion Holdings International in seizing market opportunities, in accordance with the development guidelines.

At the conclusion of the conference, Mr. Ji Zhe delivered a speech. He expressed, "Wasion International should approach new goals with a pragmatic and proactive attitude, embrace a new world, and pioneer into uncharted territories. We will continuously enhance the operational and developmental quality of Wasion Holdings International."

With the passage of time, ushering in a new era, Wasion Holdings International is filled with lofty ambitions, unwavering confidence, and firm strides as we enter 2024. With a global perspective, we aim to lead the company's development, seize opportunities, innovate in technology, expand our market presence, comprehensively enhance product quality, and forge ahead to script a new chapter of glory.

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