Steady Progress, Innovative Development | Heartwarming Celebrations Mark Wasion Holdings' 18th Anniversary Listing

On December 19, 2005, Wasion Holdings achieved a successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Looking back over the past eighteen years, Wasion has fearlessly embraced challenges, navigated through transformations, and advanced together in shared responsibility. Holding high the banner of innovative development, Wasion has faced difficulties with courage and confidence, overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of stability and progress. Through innovative endeavors, Wasion has scripted a brilliant chapter in its eighteen-year journey!

To commemorate the 18th anniversary of Wasion Holdings' listing, a series of celebratory events took place on December 19, creating an atmosphere of "Happy Wasion" throughout the Wasion Technology Park.

In the morning of December 19, a solemn flag-raising ceremony was held at Wasion Technology Park, where the five-star red flag ascended amidst the attentive gaze of attendees, and the national anthem echoed through the park. 

Chairman of Wasion Holdings, Ji Wei, delivered an important speech, reflecting on Wasion's development journey over the past eighteen years, characterized by "bold exploration, facing wind and rain; adhering to integrity, innovating steadily." Ji Wei emphasized, "As 'Young Wasion,' at eighteen, our aspirations should extend globally, setting lofty goals and striving relentlessly to create a magnificent 'Century Wasion.'"

He further emphasized, "At this new starting point, we must build consensus and overcome challenges. In our new journey, we should seek progress while maintaining stability, face challenges with practical responsibility, and embrace a global perspective for long-term planning to achieve new breakthroughs."

Following the flag-raising ceremony, a lecture on "Enterprise Innovation Development Based on the New Three Elements" was held in the second-floor auditorium of the Technology Park. Professor Wu Jinming was the keynote speaker, addressing members of the board of directors, operating management teams from various departments, and representative executives. Professor Wu, considering the current internal and external business environment, provided in-depth insights into the path of enterprise innovation development based on the new three elements. The lecture aimed to facilitate Wasion's internationalization strategy and ensure sustainable development.

In the morning of December 19, the unveiling ceremony of the Wasion Group Laboratory took place, officially commencing its operations. The laboratory, covering an area of 800 square meters, integrates various functions, including quantity transmission, accuracy testing, electrical performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility, high voltage, and environmental temperature reliability testing. The laboratory will serve as a standardized testing ground for the design, bidding, inspection, and factory testing of various products. The completed laboratory will be a strong support for Wasion's technological capability development and innovation and will also become a training base for Wasion's measurement and technical talent. 

The unveiling ceremony of the Weitai Mold Processing Center also took place, transforming from a small-scale mold workshop to a comprehensive mold processing center, enhancing the overall strength of the entire mold design, manufacturing, and injection molding production process.

Meanwhile, an energetic employee sports event took place in the gymnasium. On the basketball court, skilled players showcased their teamwork, strategic passing, and agile movements, demonstrating youthfulness through unity and strength. In the badminton arena, players displayed precision serves, skillful drop shots, and intense competition on the compact court. 

Unlike ball games, chess matches were a test of intelligence and strategy. Participants engaged in strategic maneuvers, intellectual clashes, and tactical battles in the world of chess.

These series of competitions not only showcased individual skills and levels but also emphasized collective unity and strength. The spirit of "fearless competition, daring victory, fearless challenges, and courageous transcendence" displayed by Wasion employees on the sports field is expected to manifest fully in all aspects of work and life. 

In the photo-taking activity, everyone eagerly captured moments in various corners of the park, and these lively photos in the Technology Park will become cherished memories for all Wasion employees.

The coffee bar prepared 300 cups of free coffee, keeping everyone refreshed and focused on their work. In the flower arrangement activity, diverse and artistic floral arrangements brought joy and pleasure to participants during breaks, warming up the winter and adding a touch of color to life.

Additionally, the company invited eye and dental experts to provide free medical consultations, ensuring the well-being of Wasion employees.

Wasion has consistently dedicated itself to providing fair and dignified compensation, benefits, and career growth for its employees. Every meticulously arranged display and carefully planned activity is a profound interpretation of "sincerity, precision, and mutually beneficial." Each radiant and smiling face represents the touching narrative of embracing the "Happy Wasion."

In eighteen years, Wasion has weathered storms and grown robustly. At eighteen, Wasion's youth is in full bloom, and the future is promising!

We sincerely look forward to all Wasion employees advancing together, writing a brilliant chapter, and embarking on the magnificent journey of Wasion's future! We eagerly anticipate that all Wasion employees, united and full of passion, will not disappoint the vast mountains and sparkling stars, embracing the beautiful future of "Century Wasion" with love and enthusiasm!

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